November 1, 2017

Will The Wharf DC Restaurants Survive?

The Wharf DC Restaurants Retail Space for lease

How Will The Restaurants at The Wharf DC Survive?

The Wharf DC. The $2.5 billion, 3.3 million-square-foot project will transform the city’s waterfront. No one denies that. But there are also plenty of non-believers who feel it won’t last. Some retail brokers and restaurateurs think there are too many restaurants. Some feel that the waterfront destinations are too seasonal to sustain all the available seating. Others say both. Just in it’s first phase alone, there are 2,200 seats at The Wharf’s nearly two-dozen restaurants.

“They’re never going to have lunch, so what makes you think that they can pay twice as much as all the early JBG deals on 14th Street?” said Bill Miller of Miller Walker Retail Real Estate, who also called the waterfront project “spectacular” and does not identify as a Wharf skeptic. Read the rest at…