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Top Chef Mike Isabella's Next big project Restaurant space for lease miller walker retail Washington dcTop Chef Mike Isabella’s next project

Ask a dozen food geeks to name the first thing they associate with Mike Isabella. They’ll probably rattle off a list of biographical highlights. He’s the “Top Chef” contestant, New Jersey bad boy, clam-shucking chauvinist, serial restaurateur, the dude with the gypsy tattoo to ward off evil.
With his next major project, however, Isabella may forever shed his tats-and-work-shirts image. He may potentially confirm his status as one of the most ambitious restaurateurs in the Mid-Atlantic. In the summer of 2017, the chef will open Isabella Eatery in Tysons Galleria. It is an ambitious, 10-concept undertaking that will combine a few brands that are already familiar to D.C. diners — and several that are not.

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